Village life in Oqaatsut is about sustaining a small community that loves to be close to the sea. The few houses are scattered across the rocky terrain yet never very far from the harbor. Out here in this roadless village, cars are useless so fishing boats become the main mode of transport, while in winter snowmobiles and sleddogs are the most prized possessions. Our tour to Oqaatsut is your opportunity to experience the heartbeat of village culture here in Greenland. 


The summer hike to Oqaatsut is a less strenuous than its winter counterpart but still offers a long hike (18km) across undulating terrain. You’ll be able to see the vibrancy of the short Greenlandic summer and how Greenlanders make the most of the sunlight, spending time in their summer houses and out in the wild. After a long day’s hiking we will stay in Hotel Nordlys in Oqaatsut before heading back to Ilulissat the next day by boat.

6 hours

Minimum 4 persons

1100 DKK


The winter hike to Oqaatsut requires good snow shoes and a good level of fitness, it is an 18km hike from the outskirts of Ilulissat so be prepared for a long day. First you will pass the new aiport being constructed north of Ilulissat, then you’ll arrive to Bredebugt, a bay where you’ll be able to see the scattered summer houses of the local people. We’ll continue, walking over frozen lakes and around the edges of the iceberg filled sea. Finally, arriving in Oqaatsut we will find our accommodation for the night (Nordlys hotel) and in the morning we will take the boat back to Ilulissat. 

7 hours

Minimum 4 persons

1500 DKK