About Us

Meet Our Guides

Ivan - Founder & Lead Guide

I moved to Greenland from Russia in 2007. Prior to this, I have extensive experience working as an engineer on fishing vessels. I fell in love with Greenland after arriving here. After exploring this country immensely over the years, I founded Greenland Backcountry to show these magnificent landscapes to people. 

Originally from Russia, I thought myself acquainted with the arctic. As I’ve lived here, I learned that this country is truly full of surprises. With the ice-filled landscape constantly shifting and changing, what you see one day can be entirely different to the next.

After spending many years exploring Greenland on snow and water, I learned about the fascinating dynamism of this landscape. Now, I’m ready to show this country to the world. I am a trained adventure guide and Wilderness First Responder.  Get in touch, let’s go exploring

Mario - Biologist & Guide

Mario is a graduated biologist with experience and knowledge about Greenland and its wildlife, he has always been passionate about exploring the nature and getting to know the species in their environment, what had given him experience on the field.

Along with expeditions in Spanish mountains, in the areas of Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees, he has practiced a lot of sports like skiing, climbing and handball.

He has also several certifications like:

-ACA Level 2 Coastal Kayaking Guide Certification

-AESA/EASA Remote Pilot Certificate.Open Sub Category (A1/A3)

-CMAS diver 1 star

-Trained in survival techniques in High Mountain and Alpine environments.

Another of his passions is wildlife photography, so if you are interested in getting some shots of the artic nature you can get some tips from him.