Dog Sledding

Dog sledding has been used as a means of hunting and travel for thousands years. In Greenland the importance of sled dogs cannot be understated both culturally and for daily life. To this day dog sleds can reach areas of the inaccessible wilderness that snowmobiles cannot and they are used to transport freshly caught fish back from the frozen sea. 

Here at Greenland Backcountry we collaborate with local people to make sure you get the most authentic and exhilarating experience.  On these tours you will have the opportunity to see Greenland’s frozen landscape without the grumble of an engine, instead you can watch as the dogs eagerly haul you towards the mountains at surprising speed. For our different tour options please see below.

2 Hour Tour

2 Hours

Price for 1 person


3 Hour Tour

3 Hours

Price for 1 person


If you want to know more about this tour, check our YouTube video!