Northern Lights Tour

The Northern Lights are one of the greatest natural spectacles on Earth. Watching their sinuous movements across the sky has connected remote communities of the far north with the universe for millennia. Unlike stars, their fickle and dynamic lights don’t stick to a timetable and instead move with a mind of their own. For this reason, this tour will be available according to the aurora forecast and if you book it, you will be notified at least a day before the beginning of the tour.

Starting at the Sports Hall in the centre of Illissat, we will walk through the outskirts of town to the shipping container yard, where locals keep their boats, snowmobiles and ATVs. Then passing through the sled dogs, we will head upwards (100m elevation gain) through a rocky canyon. At the top we will walk to the left and to a frozen lake. There we can watch the magnificent northern lights snake, swirl and dance in the sky and reflect off of the pure white snow of the surrounding wilderness. 

This tour includes warm drinks and snacks but does not include warm clothing! Make sure you are wrapped up and ready for the Arctic winter!

1:30 hours 

Minimum 1 person

1000 DKK


This tour is available via snowmobile. Our snowmobiles will allow you to get to the viewpoint much faster and therefore increase your chance of seeing the lights for an extended amount of time.