Ilimanaq Settlement

Ilimanaq settlement is a small and isolated village on the far side of Kangia Icefjord. 

Setting off from Ilulissat in the morning we will head through the icebergs of the UNESCO world heritage site of Kangia Icefjord. There you’ll have the opportunity to see enormous towers, arches and ridges rising from the sea and composed entirely of ice. Then after crossing the fjord we will enter Ilimanaq where we will disembark and explore. 

Ilimanaq has a church and around 50 inhabitants living on the edge of the water. After taking some time to see the simple way of life in a remote settlement such as Ilimanaq, we will have a hot drink and a snack before heading back to Ilulissat.

Minimum duration 3 hours 

Minimum 4 people

750 DKK per person