Ice Fjord

Kangia Icefjord was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 due to its intense glacial calving and unique scientific significance. A site that can only be appreciated in person and we are happy to take you there.

We are now proud to offer tours and expeditions all year round in our new boat custom built for your comfort on Greenland’s waters. Immerse yourself in the in the frozen landscapes of Greenland and experience the grandeur of the largest icebergs the Northern Hemisphere has to offer directly at their source.

Our captain is a certified adventure guide in Greenland and will inform you on the formation of the icebergs and other scientific facts about the surrounding environment including the glaciers, icebergs and the wildlife that frequents this area. .

We are looking forward to seeing you aboard the “Victor Explorer” and sharing the unforgettable experience of adventure in Greenland.

Join us on an adventure to the Icefjord Kangia!

Trip Duration: Minimum 2 hours 

Minimum 4 people // Maximum 9 People

550 DKK per person